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Sirui Professional Landscape filter kit.

A few weeks ago i was asked to try out the new Sirui Professional Landscape filter kit.

After trying in several different conditions here is what i found.

So i received the kit from Sirui Australia and straight away got to unboxing and check out what was included.

I was pleasantly surprised that the kit came with everything required to get started straight away with pretty much all my cameras and lenses.

Kit Price is $499 from Sirui Australia

Included in the kit was-

1x Sirui Filter Holder 100mm

1x Sirui Soft GND16 (1.2) Filter 100x150mm

1x Sirui ND1000 Filter 100x100mm

1x CPL Filter

Adapter Ring 67-82mm

Adapter Ring 72-82mm

Adapter Ring 77-82mm

Padded Carry Bag

Allen Key

4x Short Allen Screw


What I found straight away was the system was easy to set up on my Canon EOSR and was able to get out and start shooting straight away having only used a filter kit once before. I also used on Sony A7iii with several different lens combinations and there were no issues.

First test

Doing a lot of landscape photography puts me in positions thats not always so great for gear safety but the padded pouches for the glass and the holder protect everything and fits neatly into my camera backpack.

I found myself down but Sydney harbour wedged between a few rocks getting my gear ready and found it quite easy to put the holder on and easily slide the glass filters into place and having the CPL filter housed in the holder is an added bonus and easily accessible. Also the holder is of solid construction making it pretty tough for harsh conditions.

The glass is very good quality and I was able to achieve the results I wanted using the Sirui ND1000 Filter 100x100mm in much brighter conditions that i would normally attempt.

Later that night (well 3am the next morning) I headed out to try a bit of astro photography.

Ive been struggling with a milky way shot attempting to get the Sydney Opera house with the milky way above. This is quite hard to achieve because of the lights surrounding the opera house leaving images overexposed at the bottom. I thought id give the Sirui Soft GND16 Filter 100x150mm a go and see what i would come up with.

I was pleasantly surprised with the result. The filter allowed me to control the exposure at the bottom of the image and still able to easily get the milky way.

One thing i did notice is that the transition from the light to dark on the glass could be a little less harsh but mostly performed really well.


Easy to use

Solid construction

Good quality glass

CPL in filter holder

Liked not so much

I didnt really have any dislikes but if i had to say something it would be that the transition between light and dark on the GND16 Filter could be a little softer.

All in all the Sirui Professional Landscape filter kit is a great way to start with when looking at getting into square filter systems. It is well constructed, easy to use and is at a reasonable price.


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